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Steeped in a rich heritage of family, good and honest dining, and a sublime view of the crystal waters of the Mediterranean. Il-Kartell is one of the first standalone restaurants in Marsalforn which has truly been a family affair since its inception in the early 1970s. Despite the minor changes to the landscape, Il-Kartell remains somewhat of a local cornerstone in the world of dining and leisure. The foundations of our kitchen and restaurants are built amongst the original structures of three boat houses, and it is this opening chapter of the Il-Kartell story that we have returned to in our efforts and passion to deliver you the very best in casual dining by the sea.


fresh & locally sourced produce

Our menu offers a wide variety of wholesome soups, fresh salads, creative light dishes, platters, antipasto, sumptuous fish, meat, and poultry.
They are all perfect combinations suitable for both lunches and relaxed evening dinners.


the very best in casual dining by the sea


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Bruschetta (v)

Fresh tomatoes, onions, capers, olives, basil, parsley and extra virgin olive oil on toasted bread

Antipasto Misto (to share)

Grilled aubergines, peppered cheeselets, sundried tomatoes, fresh local cheese, capers, olives, local homemade smoked pork sausage, mixed Italian cold cuts bigilla and water biscuits

Grilled Aubergines (v)

Dressed with garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil topped with Grana Padano shavings

Cured Salmon

Fresh cured Salmon coated with herbs, lemon zest, and olive oil served with salad garnish

Marinated Octopus Salad

Local octopus marinated with fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, rucola, cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, and homemade giardiniera mix

Gillardeau Oysters

Live oysters served with side chimichurri and pickled shallots

(each) - €4.50
Fresh Mussels - Shell On

Mussels in garlic, herbs and white wine, cherry tomatoes with a dash of marinara sauce

Home Made Fish Cakes

Breaded fish cakes (mixed fish, shrimp and mussel meat) served with homemade tartar sauce.

Fried Calamari

Crispy battered calamari served with a side of tartar sauce

Deep Fried Brie Cheese (v)

Walnut breaded Brie cheese served with cranberry sauce

Gozo Peppered Cheese (v)

Deep fried breaded peppered cheese served with salad garnish and mango chutney sauce

Funghi Al Kartell (v)

Local mushrooms cooked in garlic, brandy and cream served with garlic bread

Sautéed Rabbit Liver

Pan seared rabbit liver cooked in garlic and served on a slice of honey toasted bread


Soups & Salads

Fresh homemade Soup of the Day

Ask waiter for today's soup

Aljotta - Fish Soup

Fish Soup with fresh fish, shellfish served with garlic bread

Prawn Bisque

with local prawns with a dash of cream

Garden Salad (v)

Field greens and tomatoes direct from our garden

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables (v)

Fresh vegetables direct from our garden


Pasta Dishes

Main Course
Rabbit Spaghetti

Fresh pasta served with traditional rabbit sauce

Main Course
Pasta Chicken Pesto

Strozzapreti with chicken, sundried tomatoes, pesto, pancetta & cream

Main Course
Garganelli Al Filetto

Fresh beef fillet strips, sundried tomatoes and white wine cooked in cream garnished with rucola, cherry tomatoes & parmesan flakes

Main Course
Pasta Paglia e Fieno

Fresh pasta served with psnchetta and mushrooms cooked in white wine, garlic and herbs with fresh cream and topped with parmesan flakes

Main Course
Home Made Ravioli (v)

Homemade ravioli filled with fresh local cheese, eggs and parsley served with tomato sauce and fresh herbs

Main Course
Spaghetti Bottarga

Fresh pasta with garlic, extra virgin oil, cherry tomatoes and topped with grated cured fish roe (bottarga)

Main Course
Pasta Gamberi e Zucchini

Linguini with zucchini and cherry tomatoes tossed in bisque sauce topped with local prawn crudo

Strozzapreti Calamari e Zucchini

Fresh pasta tossed with calamari, zucchini and red bell peppers in a creamy lobster sauce

Main Course
Spaghetti Cozze e Vongole

Hresh pasta served with a mix of mussels and clams shell on in white wine, cherry tomatoes, garlic and herbs

Main Course
Linguine al Kartell

Fresh pasta served with fresh mixed shellfish, calamari, medium prawns, in garlic, herbs and white wine with a hint of marinara sauce

Main Course
Risotto Pescatore

Arborio risotto with chunks of fish, mixed shellfish, calamari and prawns with a touch of marinara sauce

Main Course
Spaghetti al Nero

Fresh pasta with chunks of cuttlefish in a black sauce, topped with cherry tomatoes

Main Course

Meat Dishes

Classic Chicken and Cheese

Grilled chicken breast cooked in a rich cheesy truffle mushroom sauce served on a bed of portobello mushrooms

Chicken Chorizo

Boneless chicken thighs cooked in a creamy red pepper sauce, smoked paprika and chorizo crumbs

Traditional Local Rabbit Stew

Local rabbit stew, with onions, garlic, peas, & wine slow cooked traditionally

Pork Ribs

Pork spare ribs drizzled with BBQ and honey sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds

Duo Pork

Braised iberico pork cheeks, confit pork belly served with carrot puree and pork jus


Pan seared boneless quails with forest fruit, honey, thyme and port jus served on a bed of toast

Rack of Lamb

Charcoal grilled lamb rack served on a bed of peperonata and red wine jus

Fillet of Beef (350 gr)

Charcoal grilled prime fillet of Beef

Ribeye Steak

Charcoal grilled Fresh Ribeye steak

Cowboy Rib (550 gr)

Charcoal grilled Ribeye on the bone

Extra Sauce

Mushroom Sauce Pepper Sauce Jack Daniels Sauce BBQ Sauce or Cheesy Truffle & Mushroom Sauce

€3.00 each
Extra Sides

Roast potatoes Grilled Vegetables Salad Chips

€3.75 each

Fish Dishes

Daily variety of Fresh Local Fish

Check with your server for availability

According to weight and market price
Swordfish Steak

With onions, garlic, fresh herbs, capers, olives, cherry tomatoes and white wine

Fillet of Seabass

Pan-fried fillet of fresh seabass with mussel and prawn meat served on a saffron beurre blanc sauce

Salmon Fillet

Pan fried salmon fillet served with prawns and shellfish in prawn bisque sauce

Grilled Calamari

Served with fresh local herbs, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic

Traditional Local Octopus

Octopus cooked in white wine, garlic, capers, olives, peas and fresh local herbs in marinara sauce

Local King Prawns

Prawns served either grilled or flamed in cognac, garlic and herbs served on a bed of rice

€According to Market Price
Mixed Shellfish

Mix of cozze and vongole, calamari and medium prawns cooked in garlic and herbs with a hint of marinara sauce

Fritto Misto

Crispy calamari, local baby prawns, white bait fish and zucchini served with tartar sauce


Kids Menu

Crispy Chicken Nuggets with Chips
Breaded Fish Fingers with Chips
Pasta in Butter
Pasta with ham and cream sauce
Pasta with napolitana sauce


Desserts of the Day

A selection of homemade deserts Check with your server for our selection of homemade desserts

Check with your server for availability

A selection of homemade ice-cream Ask for available flavours

Per Scoop - €2.50

A selection of homemade sorbets Ask for available flavours

Per Scoop - €2.50